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Sollys (A1 Sud) © Jérôme Boucherat (June 2020)


Construction resumes at a rapid pace

All the construction sites have reopened in La Confluence, implementing the new health rules for the safety of all. The next few months will be very busy, with the realisation of large-scale projects, such as the extension of tram line T2 and construction projects on the Rhône side. Here’s an overview.

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Nearly 20 construction sites underway 

A school, housing, public spaces, offices, shops and more: about twenty construction sites have reopened in La Confluence, mostly on the Rhône side. The new health standards, needed to keep everyone safe, are being implemented while people are doing construction work, participating in meetings and transporting materials. The worksites have also been reorganised to account for the proximity of pedestrian traffic. 
Among the worksites underway: 

  • Renovation of the market building of the Marché Gare  concert hall: to resume this summer. 
  • Cap Sud by Rhône Saône Habitat, 58 social housing and social housing program: completion scheduled for this summer, as the work resumed in April. 
  • Ydeal by OGIC, mixed program (housing, offices, shops and activities, student residence and crèche):  completion scheduled for this summer, as the work resumed in April. 
  • School, Phase 2: work restarted in May; completion is slated for late 2022. 
  • Champ: the work continues south of H7, west of Cours Charlemagne, Rue Vuillerme. 
  • Perrache: work on the public spaces and on the passenger pavilion resumed in May and June.
  • The new streets Pury and Baudelaire and the extension of Rue Smith: construction resumed in May and is scheduled for completion this summer.


Did you know ?
Roland de Pury (1907-1970) was a Swiss Protestant pastor who defended human rights against the Nazis and then against torture during the Algerian War. He wrote Journal de Cellule while in captivity. His wife, Jacqueline and he supported the Resistance.

Discover all the sites (Lumen, Sollys, etc.) on our map!

Extension of tram line T2: still on track 

While work to transform the west tunnel continues (slated to open in spring 2021), other construction work has started as well, such as the extension of tram line T2 to the Hôtel de Région-Montrochet station, to improve the links between the northern and southern parts of the peninsula. The construction site reopened on 11 May. It concerns:

  • the re-routing and improvement by Métropole de Lyon of the underground networks (water, sanitation) on Cours Charlemagne and Rue Montrochet (until 26 June)
  • the creation of a turnaround south of the headquarters of the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council (Rue Montrochet)
  • the renovation of the Hôtel de Région-Montrochet tram station.

How will users be impacted?

  • normal traffic on line T1

  • Cours Charlemagne: South / North traffic cut between rue Montrochet and the François Mitterrand esplanade,

  • deflection of line S1
    to find out more: www.tcl.fr/prolongement-de-la-ligne-t2