Ville Miroir, a film that explores model for the city of tomorrow

Ile de Nantes and Lyon Confluence are two major innovative and creative urban projects transforming two territories with troubling similarities. Thierry Mercadal takes a closer look at them in his film Ville Miroir. This portrait of two cities is rich in interviews.

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  • Who designs and builds our cities ?
  • What is the role of technical experts? And how do politics come into play ?
  • How are citizens involved in the urban planning process ? 

The film Ville Mirroir (Mirror City) addresses the key questions of how cities are designed and built in the 21st century. The Director, Thierry Mercadal (On Stage Productions), went to meet key players in each city. Town planners, developers, important local figures, and an urban philosopher, each of whom provides their professional point of view. They share their intentions, their reflections and reveal what they believe to be the current challenges facing cities. From sustainable development to innovation, from the theme of nature in the city to economic development, they offer varied and complementary expertise. Lyon and Nantes, two models for the city of tomorrow, are listening to the people who “use” their cities.

Ville Miroir 52 mins online at demain.fr