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20 years after the kick-off of the urban project, Lyon Confluence continues to evolve. Explore our totally revamped website to (re)discover the transformations in the district and learn about this major redevelopment project that has changed the face of Lyon’s city centre. Here is a guided tour of the website.

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Profiles: Tradesman and craftsman/ User/ Student/ Company/ Professional

Seeing is believing  

Discover La Confluence, its variety of housing and offices, its facilities, history and guiding principles of the urban design: 

This mobile-first, responsive website is designed for all types of users: people living or working in the area, visitors, entrepreneurs, businesses, retailers, public partners, students, professionals.”

Read the interview with Benoît Bardet, Deputy Director and Head of Communication at SPL Lyon Confluence

Browsing made easy  

Want to find out about the latest developments at La Confluence? Need to locate a facility or a project site? Looking for a publication or press releases and articles? Want to know more about the construction work in progress? 

From any screen, you can: 

  • scroll up and down the home page 
  • search the website by key words   
  • click on a key word
  • use the “burger” button to access other sections 
  • find content for various user profiles: retailers and tradespeople, businesses, students, journalists, professionals, people living and working in the district   
  • see our social media wall with all of our posts 
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We hear you! 
The design and development of the new Lyon Confluence website benefited from input from people in the district (residents, employees, businesses, retailers, local authorities) through workshops led by Franck Confino.

The website was designed and developed by the agency Stratis.

The editorial design and content production are provided by the agency In medias res.