Public services

Planner of the urban project, Lyon Confluence is not in charge of public services (management of public spaces, childhood, housing ...). We therefore invite you to contact the services of the communities or public bodies competent for these subjects.

Sedentary Trade service

The Sedentary Trade service provides administrative, technical and financial management of commercial occupation permits in the public domain.
The "Terrace" center examines the requests of sedentary traders who wish to occupy the public domain (terrace, a display or trade equipment).
The "Signs" department is responsible for issuing authorizations for the installation of new signs or for the modification of an existing sign.
The "Advertising" pole ensures compliance with the Local Advertising Regulations for Signs and Pre-signs of the City of Lyon.

Non-Sedentary Trade service

The Non-Sedentary Trade service provides administrative and financial management for the 75 markets in Lyon, fairgrounds, circuses, isolated rides and itinerant trade.

Label "Lyon, Equitable and Sustainable City"

The label "Lyon, Equitable and Sustainable City" is a unique initiative in France, which is part of a local dynamic to promote the social and solidarity economy.

Drinking establishment

Opening, transfer or transfer of a drinking establishment; authorization to open a drinking establishment late; permanent ballroom clearance ... you can contact the City of Lyon for more information.

Living environment (green spaces)

Gardens, parks, fountains, children's play areas, the City of Lyon is cultivated and maintains a city where you can get fresh air every da

Early childhood

A priority for the City of Lyon, there are many solutions to accommodate toddlers and adapted to different needs.