In La Confluence, you’ll find housing for every phase of life. Fine architecture, designed by renowned architects.


From studios to large flats, the residential real estate in La Confluence spans a wide variety of options, including homes in social housing and on the open market. There are homes for rent and for sale, at all price points.

Whether you’re a student, a young professional or a retiree, you’re single or have a family, you’re an executive or an employee, you can buy or rent in La Confluence! And if your situation changes, you’ll find a home nearby that will meet your needs.


Special attention has been paid to families, with housing featuring large living spaces and a suitable number of rooms. Family homes (from 2 to 4 bedrooms) represent 70% of the housing units on the Rhône side. With nearby schools, sport and cultural facilities and numerous public spaces, the neighbourhood is an ideal place for families to live in Lyon.


Lyon Confluence offers its residents well designed architecture, environmental efficiency, a good quality of life and convenience. The housing is designed by major architectural firms such as Herzog & De Meuron, Jean Nouvel and David Chipperfield and by local architects such as Hervé Vincent, AFAA, Atelier Vera Associés, and others. 

Regardless of the architect, the goals are the same. All new housing meets the building requirements set by Lyon Confluence for developers and housing operators.

  • At the level of the housing unit: brightness, thermal and acoustic comfort, bedroom size, storage space, outdoor areas (balconies, sunrooms, loggias, and more).
  • At the level of the building: natural lighting of the common areas, landscaped courtyards, beehives, community composting, bike storage, fitness rooms, guest rooms, and more. 


In La Confluence, the city is designed with a focus on shared space. Shared parking, shared gardens and landscaped courtyards are great examples of this concept. Civic participation is incorporated into the phases prior to construction.  

And certain housing units are even designed collaboratively, such as the Sollys development, where the residents are helping design the common areas of a building with 11 housing units offered under an affordable home ownership scheme.

This collaborative project recruited households with the following profile:

  • first-time home buyers eligible for an interest-free loan 
  • wishing to be part of a collaborative project
  • concerned about sustainable development 

The 11 future households, assisted by Lyon Confluence, Bouygues Immobilier and Atelier Pop Corn, participate regularly in workshops to build their project together:

  • discovering the urban environment
  • the scope of possibilities in terms of shared spaces
  • the technical constraints
  • the personalisation of the housing units and their distribution
  • the legal framework of properties for sale before completion. 

“The co-building workshops quickly embodied the concept of harmonious living. The future residents got to know each other and started sharing ideas, information and services, two years before moving into the same building. We saw this community emerge and grow. We gave them the tools to understand and act autonomously. This assistance is reassuring for first-time home buyers.” 

Stéphanie Cagni, co-founder of Atelier Pop Corn.