Whether you’d like to buy or rent, La Confluence offers you a variety of options to suit a wide range of needs and budgets, in both social housing and on the open market.

You’d like to buy

The supply of housing for sale has been designed to be accessible to all, including first-time buyers. Residential mobility is encouraged within the neighbourhood: from tenants on the open market to homeowners of price-capped housing, or from tenants of subsidised social housing to owners of subsidised-ownership housing. In addition, a good supply of open-market housing is available.

Affordable housing is available for rent at prices that are 15% to 20% lower than on the open market (rent-controlled). It is designed for people who aren’t eligible for subsidised housing, but who don’t have the resources to pay market prices. The stakeholders of affordable housing in the neighbourhood include: CDC Habitat

New programS

These open-market programmes are sold off-plan, directly by the developers.

Sollys (2021)

Developers: Bouygues Immobilier and Linkcity 

Architects: David Chipperfield, Aires Mateus Associados, Atelier Vera 

200 housing units 

First building marketed: SO’Ô 

Contact on

So’Ô residential development by Bouygues Immobilier

Albizzia (2022)

Developers: WOODEUM and UTEI  

Architects: Hardel & Le Bihan and Insolites Architectures  

110 housing units 

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Albizzia by UTEI-WOODEUM

You’d like to buy

On the open market

La Confluence has several real estate agencies that would be happy to help you with your search.

  • Rolin Bainson 
    7 Cours Charlemagne 
    04 26 22 40 80
  • Confluence Immobilier 
    7 Rue Denuzière 
    04 72 40 94 58
  • Agence Confluence
    50 Cours Suchet
    04 72 93 27 21
  • Citya Confluence
    5 Cours Bayard
    04 72 91 85 55
  • Recherche Appartement ou Maison
    42 Cours Charlemagne
    04 72 60 97 02
  • Bayard
    2-6 Cours Bayard
    04 72 56 50 53
  • Vinci Immobilier Property Management
    19 Quai Perrache
    04 72 60 07 90
  • Citya Barioz Immobilier
    5 Cours Bayard
    04 72 75 70 70
  • L'immobilier neuf by Home Line
    19 Quai Perrache
    04 28 70 09 70


“In France, social housing is any housing that receives public support for its construction. It is designed to house people with low incomes. It is regulated, in terms of financing, allocation and management, by social housing organisations.”

Ministry of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities  

Beneficaries of social housing in Lyon Confluence have rent control and can get special loans, according to their situations:

  • PLAI loans (subsidised rental loans for integration) are designed for the most disadvantaged persons
  • PLUS loans (rental loans for social purposes) correspond to low-income housing
  • PLS loans (rental loans for social housing) and PLI (rental loans for affordable housing) are for people whose income is too high to be able to get a PLUS loan, but who cannot afford to rent on the open market. 

Are you eligible for social housing?
To find out if you’re eligible for social housing, and to submit an application, go to


In La Confluence, the Résidétape programme was designed for young professionals who have a pressing need for short-term, furnished, affordable housing. Résidétape studios have a surface area of between 20 sq. metres and 32 sq. metres. The interior design is simple, combining convenience with elegance. The carefully selected furniture is multi-purpose, and the storage spaces are custom-designed for optimal efficiency. Everything is included, from kitchenware to bed linens and household appliances. All you have to do is move in!

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