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Grégory Doucet, Mayor of Lyon and new President of Lyon Confluence (SPL)


A new President for Lyon Confluence

On 12 October 2020, the Board of Lyon Confluence (SPL) met to welcome the new members representing the Lyon Metropolitan Authority and the City of Lyon. Grégory Doucet was appointed President of Lyon Confluence by the new Board.

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The Board of the Lyon Confluence Local Public Company (SPL) comprises 11 members, including 10 representatives of the Lyon Metropolitan Authority and 1 representative of the City of Lyon..


  • Lyon Metropolitan Authority representatives:
    • Grégory Doucet (President)
    • Emeline Baume
    • Béatrice Vessiller
    • Renaud Payre
    • Jean-Charles Kohlhaas
    • Laurence Croisier
    • Raphaël Debut
    • David Kimelfeld
    • Valentin Lungenstrass
    • Christophe Marguin


  • City of Lyon representative: 
    • Raphaël Michaud


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