Developing the city means acquiring land, carrying out studies, demolishing, decontaminating, and building housing, offices and shops to a very high standard in terms of use, environmental and architectural quality. It also means creating public spaces and facilities. Finally, it means informing and involving citizens. All the while prioritising the general interest.

Six missions at the service of the general interest

  • Carrying out the full range of studies prior to development or construction work. 
  • Proceeding with all acquisitions of buildings and or undeveloped property for development, as well as any necessary demolitions. 
  • Establishing contracts or agreements to ensure land management before implementing development operations, and managing transfers to third parties for the purpose of construction. 
  • Completing all necessary financial, commercial, industrial, property and real estate studies and operations. 
  • Undertaking operation, management, maintenance and development of structures by any means during the implementation phase and before delivery to the owner or end user.
  • Promoting the Lyon Confluence project and engaging in communication and consultation actions likely to promote its implementation and thus participating in the international influence of Métropole de Lyon.

A scope of actions to match the challenges at stake

Lyon Confluence's missions have been enriched over time and in response to various challenges. Faced with global warming, we have developed expertise in new areas: energy, mobility, but also health and well-being. We have extended our know-how in order to meet the challenges of harmonious living. Accompanying users and focusing on uses and needs are now part of our DNA. To ensure the vitality and quality of life of the district, we have worked to support the commercial development of an increasingly attractive area.

Developing in the context of a changing climate

Lyon Confluence involves developers and their designers in carrying out exemplary and sustainable real estate projects, featuring low energy consumption, use of bio-materials, development of renewable energies, support for active forms of mobility, planting of inner courtyards, site supervision, and much more. As part of our mission, we follow each project from conception to delivery and beyond.

These high expectations and our level of follow-up are a trademark of the Lyon Confluence company.

Focusing on uses

The Saône side of La Confluence has become a city centre neighbourhood in its own right. This is an opportunity for Lyon Confluence to observe and question the residents, employees and users of public spaces to evaluate what works and what doesn't. Feedback from workshops, questionnaires and interviews is invaluable. It is shared with designers and developers to adjust current and future projects.

For a lively neighbourhood

Lyon Confluence provides a framework for the choices made by operators to develop lively activity and shops on the ground floor of buildings. The objective is to develop retail, small businesses and services adapted to the life of the quarter, using studies, assisting shopkeepers and small business owners looking for premises, calls for applications, etc. Similarly, certain blocks or parts of the quarter are reserved for one type of economic activity. This is the case of the Le Champ sector, where creative and digital industries will be developed. In the Market Quarter, the next operation will be devoted to higher education.

Lyon Confluence at the service of users

Our strong capacity for innovation and our commitment have enabled us to win major calls for projects both nationally and internationally. We have established partnerships that look to the city of tomorrow and bring together new players in a more resilient city. While these projects include a large amount of technical expertise, we deploy them with the aim of creating a quarter that meets the needs of as many people as possible. To do this, we are active in three fundamental areas.


Specific times are set aside to welcome new residents and employees, to explain the focus of developments and to discuss the projects for a sustainable city centre. Maison de La Confluence, a place for citizen participation and information, welcomes all types of visitors.

Supporting harmonious living

Lyon Confluence promotes citizen and collaborative projects: Station Mue, collaborative housing, Eureka Club, etc. Specific assistance is put into action to manage usage.

Informing and communicating  

Lyon Confluence uses a multimedia communication strategy that is adapted to all its audiences: professionals, media, users, economic players. Presence on social networks encourages dialogue with all people, regardless of age or level of expertise and interest. Anyone can therefore easily discover the quarter, the urban project and ask questions about the local choices and orientations.