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ICF Block: the winners are Rue Royale and Petitdidierprioux

The two Lyon-based architecture firms will be designing the ICF Habitat Sud-Est Méditerranée block, next to emblematic buildings from La Confluence’s industrial and railroad past. It will be a 9,400 m² mixed program

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A genuine urban link between Perrache Station and the riverbanks of the Saône, the block will host a mixed programme with social housing for rent, affordable housing for first-time buyers and tertiary activities on the upper floors, and shops and other activities, a nursery and healthcare centre on the ground floor.

The project will be respectful of the environment and will follow the commitments of the Lyon Confluence operation:

  • Low-carbon construction with mixed wood and concrete facades,
  • Energy consumption goals: 120 kW/h per m² per year,
  • A cooling island effect thanks to its density of trees, planted directly in the earth between the buildings, and its green rooftops.

Expected completion: 2024

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