Since the launch of the project in 2003, innovation has always been a major driver for Lyon Confluence. It is aimed at achieving sustainable development, and is part of the development of a pleasant city to live in that takes care of its users.

“Innovation, a state of mind," interview (audio) with Maxime Valentin, head of innovation and sustainable development at Lyon Confluence - 4 min

Innovation at the service of sustainable development

High energy performance, a data management system, renewable energies, and more: the Lyon Confluence project aims for greater energy sobriety in new and renovated buildings. This is the case with the emblematic Hikari, the first multi-purpose positive energy block, or the renovation of the Cité Perrache. apartment buildings. The project also generalises the production of renewable energy, with numerous photovoltaic panels on the roofs and facades.

Lyon Confluence also innovates by taking an interest in the buildings once delivered. This gives an opportunity to go beyond theoretical performance, to monitor the data and make adjustments. Feedback is important, but it is also important that users become actors in their own energy consumption. For example, tablets (smart meters) have been put in place to measure energy consumption and help residents adapt their behaviour.

Innovating in the city also means developing vegetation and biodiversity. The Lyon Confluence project calls for 4,500 trees to be planted (3,000 had already been planted by the end of 2019) and for the creation of the new 6-hectare area Le Champ, of which 25,000 m2 will be planted. Since the start of the project, emphasis has been placed on creating public spaces that respect and encourage biodiversity.

Innovation at the service of users

Well-being, health, sustainable food, indoor air quality, shared and electric mobility, etc., Lyon Confluence focuses innovation on new issues that are gaining ground in urban development. The challenge is to develop services and innovations that are useful to residents, employees and visitors.

The idea is to create a neighbourhood that makes people want to live in the city, by involving the users. This is becoming a reality with the Maison de La Confluence and the presence of Lyon Confluence on social networks. But also, with a focus on local communication, with consultation meetings and festivities. Not to mention the questionnaires carried out with users after the delivery of the public spaces and housing and the Eureka Club initiative using participatory financing. 

Eureka Club, a new participative approach in Lyon

Innovation, a partnership approach

In 2005, Lyon Confluence established its first partnership within the framework of the European Concertoprogramme, which triggered further partnerships on environmental aspects. Each project opens up new horizons for experimentation. An example would be Eurêka Confluence. This consortium, led by Lyon Confluence and Bouygues Immobilier, will enable us to go further in terms of energy management, mobility, health and well-being. 

Lyon Confluence systematically brings together several different approaches and professional cultures in its projects: technical design offices, energy specialists, architects, developers, sociologists, etc. In total, there are more than 50 partners including universities and grandes écoles, SMEs and startups. The urban project is nourished by this variety of points of view while maintaining a single common objective: creating the best possible building or public space for users.