The neighbourhood’s squares create connections. You can go there to take a break and relax or move around and be active. There are lots of different types of squares in La Confluence: big and wide open or small and cosy.


South of Perrache Station, on either side of Cours Charlemagne, Place des Archives is both a railway station plaza and a place where UCLy students come to walk around or sit back and relax. Neighbourhood residents and visitors to the Municipal Archives of Lyon enjoy it as a great spot for people-watching. 

Serving as a link between La Confluence and the northern part of the peninsula, Place des Archives will be connected to Place Carnot by late 2020, through the West Tunnel (Voûte Ouest), which is soon to be reserved for active modes of transport. It is paved with limestone (typical of Lyon), and will feature a new passenger pavilion in spring, once the new station entrance has opened. Under the square, the Archives car park has 650 parking spaces with direct pedestrian access from the square.


In the Denuzière quarter, two squares, arranged in a staggered pattern on either side of the street with the same name, open up the space. At the base of Delfosse Barracks, Place Renée-Dufourt provides a playground for children, away from traffic. It was named after Renée Dufourt, a great lady of Lyon: a Resistance fighter, philosopher and feminist who passed away in 2012. On the east side, Place Camille-Georges, named after the first mayor of the 2nd district of Lyon in 1982, provides students with easy access to the Jean Monnet middle school.


The unique Place Nautique marina integrates the Saône River into the city, creating a pleasant seaside atmosphere. On the water, recreational boats stop off near the MJC Presqu’île Confluence. The quays, lawns and benches make it a perfect place to stroll and linger. And pedestrians can take a footbridge across the marinawhich is as big or almost as big as Place Bellecour.


With its 7,000 sq. metres extending out from the marinaFrançois-Mitterrand Esplanade, lined with 80 trees, is a key site in La Confluence. At the base of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional council building, it is enjoyed by residents of the Market Quarter and passersby, who come to have coffee or lunch at one of the restaurants on the square. Its large size makes it perfect for outdoor events.


To the south of the converted Rambaud Port, Gabriel Rosset Gardens, located between the headquarters of GL Events and La Mulatière Bridge, have a big lawn and a sports equipment area. A few small squares, full of cafés and restaurants, open up some space in the rows of buildings.

At the base of the Orange Cube, headquarters of the Cardinal Group and of the Espace Group radio stations, lies a perfect place to stop and rest in the shade of the old unloading crane that has been preserved on Place des Docks.

Between the Salins and the old customs buildings, little Place Salins square sits pretty under a pergola from which water falls into a pool, refreshing passersby and the patrons of the restaurant Le Selcius, 43 Quai Rambaud.

North of La Sucrière, little Place des Mariniers square is named after the men and women who used to bring the place to life by delivering goods there during the industrial era. Relive those bygone times every spring, during the Pardon des Mariniers celebration.

South of La Sucrière, make your last stop at Place du Chevalier Saint-Georges square, in the shade of a second preserved crane.