A good quality of life requires harmony. In La Confluence, initiatives are developing for the long term, to provide services and promote collaboration; a successful endeavour with a touch of social innovation.


Since June 2019, a participatory concierge service has been available at the Loges de Saône residence. This service was created by Réciprocité, an organisation specialising in initiatives promoting harmonious living.

This concierge service was initiated after a survey was conducted, of people living in the residence and of a wider audience, to understand the needs of the neighbourhood. It offers:

  • delivery of local food products
  • carpooling solutions
  • board game rentals
  • a book box
  • a battery recycling point
  • an office space with Wi-Fi, printers and a scanner
  • and more 

With 86 members, it has continued to grow. It’s a hit with people looking for a way to simplify their lives! 

La Conciergerie Participative is open on:
>Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 pm to 8 pm
>Wednesdays from 2 pm to 6 pm 


La Confluence has a venue for social initiatives, managed by MJC Presqu’île Confluence. The objective of this place is to enhance life in the neighbourhood and improve the quality of social connections. This facility has one large and two small meeting rooms, two activity rooms and a digital area. It is home to the neighbourhood’s associations, it supports residents’ initiatives and provides free access to computers.


The quarter has four community composting sites, managed by MJC Presqu’île Confluence:

  • Jardin pédagogique Gilibert, 11 Rue Gilibert,
  • Jardin entre Ciel et Terre, Centre d’échanges de Lyon-Perrache
  • 28 Quai Rambaud (next to MJC Presqu’île-Confluence)
  • Jardin Envie Partagé, Quai Rambaud 

Each composting site can handle the waste of up to 45 households (55 at the Sainte-Blandine site). Each one has three bins for waste:

  • one for dry material
  • one for waste
  • one for the curing phase, to which the contents of the waste bin are transferred every 4 to 6 months, during the turning phases. 

The ripe compost is distributed to the people who contributed to making it, so they can use it in a garden or in planters. It is also used in Gilibert Park or at the base of the trees in the neighbourhood.

In order to supply these compost sites with dry material, Lyon Confluence is developing a dry material platform in the southern part of the local area. More soon in our news.

Want to create a new community composting initiative? 

Perhaps you’re a condo owner, a member of a neighbourhood association or part of a primary school, and you want to set up community composting in your residence, neighbourhood or school. Métropole de Lyon can help. 

Fill in an assistance request form to explain your idea. 

If your application is accepted, Métropole de Lyon:  

  • provides the composting bins and accessories
  • trains the people in charge of the compost project
  • ensures the composting site is running smoothly for 9 months (18 for schools). After that time, the composting site must run autonomously.