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Three new schools in La Confluence

The district has boosted its higher education offering: Bellecour École, Euridis Business School and Strate Design opened their doors to students this academic year 2019. Introduction.

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Bellecour Ecole


The Bellecour Ecole school of art was founded in 1937 in Lyon. It initially offered fashion design courses and later extended its offering to cover all the creative visual art professions, from design to entertainment. It is one of the top 10 creative schools in the world (The Rookies ranking). It is also opening a campus in Paris in 2020. The school teaches a total of 1,230 students on its 3 sites in Lyon including in La Confluence (180 students). 10% of the students are from other countries.

FROM Bellecour TO La Confluence

The school’s new premises on Place Renée-Dufourt in the Denuzière district cover 500 sq. m. over two floors of the Orangerie (Loges de Saône), and were chosen to complement its sites on rue de la République and François Dauphin in Lyon.

The school chose to move to La Confluence because of the neighbourhood’s dynamism, the quality of the architecture, its proximity to so many services and shops and the large range of student accommodation available.

Nicolas Sanchez, Director of the Bellecour Ecole

Strate, SCHOOL OF Design 

The renowned Strate Design school, founded 25 years ago in Paris, has opened its second French campus in La Confluence. Its three other campuses are located in Sèvres (Paris), Singapore and Bangalore (India). A total of 59 students (460 by 2024) have taken over 2,200 sq. m. of floor space in the new campus, which was created in the former wholesale market hall. The school trains designers, 3D modellers, project directors for innovating projects, managers and researchers. Strate Design plans to get fully involved in the neighbourhood and put design to use to serve “living better” in the city.

Strate, school of design

Euridis Business School


Euridis Business School has inaugurated its new campus in La Confluence which complements its existing campus in Lyon’s sixth district, which had become over-crowded. The new campus is located in the Unity building (Ynfluences Square) in the Market district.

We visited office space in other areas, but we fell in love with the premises available in La Confluence. They are really beautiful, full of light, modern, and suited to our needs. The area is also conducive to student life of high quality thanks to the facilities and services on offer and how accessible it is. We are two minutes from the tram!

Eve Bastrenta, the group’s Communications Director

Courses evolving and developing

Euridis Business School has been running for 30 years and opened its campus in Lyon in 2015. The school provides courses in B2B business development and business engineering. The campus at La Confluence offers a BTS in negotiation and the digitalisation of client relationships and a bachelor’s degree in sales and commercial negotiation. 50 students are currently studying at the site, and a further three to four classes will be added in 2020 (150 students in total).