This Franco-Japanese partnership enabled La Confluence to create its first positive energy block. Hikari, the name of the operation, means "light" in Japanese.

Lyon Smart community, towards a smart city


Develop innovative energy performance solutions on a large scale

The program included:

  • the construction of a positive energy mixed-use block: “Hikari",
  • the creation of a fleet of electric vehicles for car-sharing,
  • energy monitoring of an eco-renovated residential building: Cité Perrache,
  • monitoring the energy in the quarter as a whole on a data platform. 



Lyon Smart Community is an international partnership between :

  • the Métropole de Lyon, 
  • NEDO, Japanese public agency for the support of innovation and environmental and industrial technologies
  • Lyon Confluence, which plays the role of general coordinator and privileged partner of NEDO, Métropole de Lyon and Toshiba.
  • Toshiba, a Japanese company selected by NEDO after a call for tenders. Its missions are to coordinate the project partners, to provide cutting-edge innovative solutions and to participate in the development of La Confluence. 

A local partnership approach

At the local level, the partnership has involved:


4 lines of development have been chosen. 

  • The creation of Hikari, the first mixed-use block (housing, offices, shops, services) with positive energy and innovative solutions in bioclimatic architecture. Hikari is equipped with smart sensors that adapt lighting and heating according to the weather or the presence of users. Its energy consumption is 50 to 60% lower than conventional buildings. Hikari consumes 1,483 MWh of primary energy per year, compensated by a production of 1,486 MWh of primary energy per year; a surplus of 0.02%. 

NEDO and Toshiba supplied Hikari with systems for:
> building energy management that monitors the energy consumption in common areas,
> home automation for residents who wish to control their consumption while optimising their comfort.
> managing the energy consumption of buildings via a secure internet network. 

  • The development of innovative electric mobility with the creation of an electric car-share fleet powered by renewable energy sources.

  • Mastering energy consumption with ConsoTab as part of the energy renovation of La Cité Perrache, led by Grand Lyon Habitat. 205 out of 275 dwellings have been equipped with an energy consumption monitoring tablet. ConsoTab includes real-time monitoring of water, electricity and gas consumption per dwelling, showing the savings made in euros, an alert and advice system adapted to each resource, and individual support for households to help them learn to use the tablet.

  • The deployment of a prototype tool for visualising energy data from the entire quarter using a prototype digital platform developed by Toshiba. This tool collects and analyses all data from other projects (electromobility, solar panels, positive energy buildings and eco-renovated buildings) using sensors placed in the facilities (solar panels, electric vehicles, district heating stations, building sensors). 


  • The innovations developed within Lyon Smart Community provide users with high-performance solutions for a better quality of life in the city, while preserving the environment.
  • 50% to 60% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional buildings. 
  • Users are supported in becoming informed about their energy consumption and adapting their behaviour for greater eco-responsibility, with clearly defined reduction objectives.