Lets's open Perrache metamorphosis phase 1

The transformation of the Lyon-Perrache Multimodal Hub (PEM, Pôle d'Echanges Multimodal) began in 2018 on land to the south of the Perrache station. Objectives: facilitate the north-south link and enhance the comfort of users, pedestrians and cyclists. A variety of renovation operations have been initiated since the programme began, and a few are scheduled to be completed in 2020. This article offers a closer look at the schedule of the works and their progress.

In brIef

  • Delivery date : 2020/2021
  • Players :
    • Lyon Confluence (planner, project coordinator, project management for the public spaces)
    • City of Lyon (project management for the transit hub's operations)
    • SNCF Mobilités Gares & Connexions and SNCF Réseau (project management for the passenger pavilion south of the station)
    • Sytral (development of the transport services (tram and underground)
    • The French government (funding body)
    • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region (funding body)
    • City of Lyon (funding body)
    • Atelier Ruelle (urban planner)
    • AREP (architect for the station)
    • Gautier Conquet & Associates (architects for the transit hub)
  • Budget : 38.2 million euros (works):
    • 15.5 million euros (public spaces and transit hub)
    • 12.7 million euros (Perrache station)
    • 10 million euros (public transport)


  • creation of a passenger pavilion south of Perrache station,
  • renovation of the west tunnel between Place Carnot and Place des Archives,
  • extension of tram line T2,
  • renovation of the north-west sector of Place Carnot, at the exit of the west vault, and the east sector (car park and pedestrian mall),
  • renovation of Place des Archives and the tramway station of the same name.




In the 19th century, Perrache station was historically designed to face northward and toward the Ainay district. When it was inaugurated in 1857, it did not look southward. Little by little, as La Confluence began to develop, a southern orientation was also developed but no ground-level access was created. Only ageing escalators were installed in the 20tth century, further disfiguring the walls of the platform.

In 2018, operations to renovate and upgrade the station's platforms to PRM standards were undertaken when the Rhône passage was created. The current project to transform the entire southern facade of Perrache station is being managed by SNCF Mobilités Gares & Connexions and SCNF Réseau. The underlying aims of the project are to provide better accessibility to all users, with:

  • the construction of a new passenger pavilion offering the station's users a variety of travel-related services and a new restaurant with terraces on the Place des Archives,
  • the removal of the escalators and installation of a station access ramp that can be used by people with reduced mobility (PRM),
  • a direct access to the tracks from Place des Archives and the Archives car park.

Handover is scheduled for autumn 2020.


The west tunnel (voûte ouest) is the name given to the underground passage that previously linked the Place des Archives (south of the train station), to Place Carnot (north of the hub) via the square in front of the Hôtel Chateau-Perrache. Measuring 300 m long and open to car traffic, it was rarely used by pedestrians and cyclists.

This vaulted tunnel has been closed for renovation since 2 July 2018. Following the redesign of the Kitchener intersection, operations are now continuing to develop the east side of the Place des Archives and open the way towards Rue Vaubecour:

  • demolition of the former offices located between the station and the Lyon Perrache Transit Hub (CELP) located above the tunnel,
  • cleaning of the walls and ceiling to uncover the stone's historical ochre,
  • renovation of a secure two-way cycling track,
  • replacement of paving materials, 
  • replacement of light fixtures.

The tunnel is scheduled to open in Spring 2021 and will be reserved for environmentally friendly methods of transport.

A new lighting system for the west tunnel
The lighting system was designed by the Aurel Design Urbain agency. The tunnel will benefit from a warmer atmosphere thanks to the highlighting on the concrete and natural stone facing of the vaulted ceilings.
Lyon Confluence and Marc Aurel chose the Citeos and Comatelec companies to create unique lighted urban furniture.

Consequences for users during the works:

  • Pedestrians will be asked to use Level 1 (taxis, buses) or 2 (station and transit hub) to reach their destination.
  • Bicycles and vehicles alike will have to go east via Cours Suchet and Quai Rambaud and west via Cours Suchet and Rue Delandine.
  • Rue Delandine and Rue Duhamel further north, and the tunnel will be renovated: the direction of these last two streets will be reversed


Tramway line T2 will be extended to the Hôtel de Région - Montrochet Station in order to better serve La Confluence. This line currently connects Saint-Priest in eastern Lyon to Perrache. It is the second tram line on the network, transporting more than 100,000 passengers every day. The extension of this line reinforces line T1 and uses part of its infrastructure. 
Thus, since 2018:

  • The Suchet - Place des Archives station has been renovated
  • The entire length of Cours Charlemagne has been pedestrianised, giving priority to pedestrians
  • The preparatory work undertaken by the City of Lyon and initiated in the Autumn of 2019 began on 11 May; these works concern the deviation and reinforcement of the external works: sewerage, electricity, water supply, telecom, etc.

Upon completion of these works, Sytral will take over to:

  • create of a new manoeuvring zone for the T2 tramways south of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region on Rue Montrochet,
  • renovate the Montrochet - Hôtel de Région Station.

Consequences for users during the works:

  • normal traffic on line T1,
  • detour of bus line S1,
    • in the Saint-Paul Station direction,
      • the stops on Rue Quivogne will be moved to Quai Perrache and Cours Suchet,
      • the Hôtel de Région Montrochet stop is moved a few meters to Rue Montrochet,
    • in the Saint Confluence Rambaud direction,
      • the stops on Rue Smith will be moved to Cours Suchet, Quai Perrache and Rue Casimir Périer,
      • traffic on Cours Charlemagne will be cut between Rue Casimir-Périer and the Esplanade François Mitterrand,
  • one-way traffic on Rue Montrochet (between Cours Charlemagne and Rue Smith).