In the heart of the quarter, in a renovated former wholesale market hall, Maison de La Confluence welcomes all types of visitors. It is a place for information and consultation on the urban project, allowing everyone to discover the many facets of La Confluence and its development. Consultation officers are available to answer your questions.

The Maison de la Confluence is currently closed due to the health crisis.
During this period, we offer made-to-measure online presentations to established groups (schools, professional delegations, associations, groups of residents), from Wednesday to Friday.
If you are interested, please send an email to specifying:
> your group's profile,
> the number of participants,
> the themes that interest you more particularly,
> the date and time envisaged.

A place for understanding the urban project

History, planning principles, architecture, innovations, and more. Lyon Confluence is a unique project that Maison de La Confluence invites you to discover through an exhibition space and the presence of a dedicated team to answer questions from the public. Maison de La Confluence presents the exhibition "Cultivating the city with intelligence":

  • themed panels and modules,
  • a large model at 1:750 scale,
  • an interactive 3D model,
  • the documentary film "Lyon Confluence, la ville en pointe". 

These tools provide visitors with a better understanding of the specific features of Lyon Confluence: ongoing innovation to promote well-being in the city, the role of nature in the development, the need for social diversity and the need to consider the use of public spaces to better design them. Along with many other themes on what makes the neighbourhood special. 

Participate in consultations

Maison de La Confluence is also a place for discussion and exchange where consultation workshops, debates, conferences, and other events are held. These communal events are essential in creating a neighbourhood designed for and by everyone. It is thus a privileged space for bringing together different points of view on urban development: those of technical experts, architects, developers, economic actors and those of residents, employees, visitors, and others. If you are interested in participating and would like to be informed of the programme at Maison de La Confluence, please contact us at : Email.

Come to Maison de La Confluence

Maison de La Confluence is located at 73 rue Smith, Lyon 69002. 
Access (public transport) : 
*tramway (T1) arrêt Hôtel de Région-Montrochet
*bus (S1) arrêt Hôtel de Région-Montrochet ou Charlemagne-Casimir Périer
*Vélo'v : station Patinoire Charlemagne ou Hôtel de Région