Ambitious renovation

La Confluence has many new building schemes, but also has one remarkable asset: the historic district of Sainte Blandine. The neighbourhood is subject to a vast eco-renovation programme  


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Diversity, sustainable development, innovation and quality urban development are the drivers for redevelopment projects at La Confluence and they are guiding construction work on new buildings as well as the renovation of the historical neighbourhood of Perrache - Sainte Blandine. Large-scale eco-renovation measures have been implemented for many years to improve energy performance and the comfort of existing buildings (housing and offices) in the Perrache - Sainte Blandine neighbourhood.

Improving performance and comfort in homes

Certain blocks of buildings have already been transformed such as the headquarters of the CRCI (Chambre régionale de commerce et d'industrie, or the regional chamber of commerce and industry), a housing programme Le Patio, an office block Empreinte, the building La Cure opposite the church, a services programme called Quai 19 on Perrache quay and the headquarters of Candia Milky Way which has been subject to ambitious eco-renovation. 

This transformation is continuing in the Perrache district with the Sahlmas/Rinck block’s inter-generational housing, the Dugas-Montbel block mixed programme, the new bus depot for Systral and the Suchet firehouse etc.

Eco-renovation? A complete programme!

The Perrache - Sainte Blandine neighbourhood is benefiting from the Ecorénov eco-renovation programme, which targets buildings constructed before 1990 and follows Grand Lyon's climate plan roadmap. It offers a helping hand to all home-owners so that they can improve the comfort of their homes. Free support is given and subsidies are also paid to co-ownership associations for energy improvements made (Greater Lyon, City of Lyon and European Union). The objective: to reach the BBC renovation (Low consumption building) level, or to reduce energy consumption to 96 kWh/sq. m / year compared with the current average of 300 KWh/sq. m./year. 




kWh/sq. m/year consumption of housing after eco-renovation

Number of eco-renovated housing units in the Perrache estate



The Eco-renovated Perrache Estate

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There was a boom in the construction of affordable housing between the two world wars, driven by financial incentives. The Perrache Estate (275 flats) opposite the Marché Gare wholesale markets was part of this flurry of construction, aimed at providing homes for households on low incomes. The heritage buildings have benefited from a vast eco-renovation programme carried out by the architecture firm Jean-François and Pierre Marin. The scheme includes the insulation of the façades, the enclosure of loggias and the installation of collective heating. Tenants of the flats, managed by Grand Lyon Habitat, will also receive digital Conso Tab energy monitors, developed by Toshiba, which will enable them to control their energy consumption (electricity, gas and water).