New sustainable living

Phase 1, on the Saone river side was launched in 2003. It covers 41 hectares and thousands of new residents and workers have now moved in. At the same time, the Saone Embankments redevelopment project created a 1.5 kilometre walkway linking the Presqu'île district to the tip of La Confluence where the two rivers meet. 


From its launch in 2003, Phase 1 focused on ambitiously redeveloping the first section of land to create a showcase for the city of the tomorrow.  It is based on a vast programme providing housing, offices and a variety of business premises, as well as generous, pleasant public spaces. A development plan in line with Greater Lyon's international ambitions.

A lively neighbourhood with a community spirit

Phase 1 created a new district stretching from the Place des Archives to the very tip of La Confluence, structured around a great number of large public spaces. The area is central, attractive and lively and it conveys an image of quality, innovation and dynamism. It is a district where life is good and people come together in the central spaces created, such as the Place Nautique inner harbour, Saone park, the aquatic gardens, the Camille-Georges square, the ABC blocks, the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Regional Assembly, the Confluence shopping centre, the MJC Presqu’île Confluence Youth and Cultural centre, and the E and F blocks.
Phase 1 also included the refurbishment of buildings in Port Rambaud, transforming them into the Docks for art, culture and communication. Le Progrès newspaper, radio stations, les Douanes customs house complex, Les Salins restaurant, La Sucrière art museum, the Euronews and GL Events headquarters and Pavillon 52 office block can all be found here.

J block, the gold standard for a city for everybody

Situated in the heart of the Denuzière neighbourhood, the J block buildings are a model of social diversity. Three types of ownership scheme are available here, provided by the social housing body OPAC du Rhone and the two developers BNP Paribas and Constructa. The 175 homes include social, affordable and open market housing. All the homes are connected to the urban heating network in the neighbourhood and residents can enjoy the Camille-Georges square, situated at the foot of the building. SPL Lyon Confluence's insistence on social mix has led to a very high proportion of owner-occupied housing (70%) and of first time buyers (around 40%). The J blocks, and SPL Lyon Confluence have been selected to compete for the Trophées des Entreprises publiques locales (Epl or trophies for local public enterprise) in 2016, alongside 11 other entrants. The trophies recognise public local enterprises’ ability to innovate and respond to the challenges of sustainable development. To vote:


End of Phase 1

22,5 Ha
Surface area of public spaces in phase 1



The Saone Embankments redesigned for everyone to use

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In La Confluence, the project team worked with landscapers Georges and Julien Descombes to enable locals to discover redeveloped embankments in even closer harmony with the river. The project plays out on three levels: the water, the lower quayside (a mineral walkway) and the upper quayside (a sort of green hinterland with plants and trees). The riverbanks, redesigned for a stretch of 1.5 km, now provide a pleasant environment for walking or cycling from the north of the Presqu’île district all the way to the south, while keeping clear of Perrache station. In this way, they also complete the redevelopment scheme for the railway station area and the multi-modal transport hub. Additionally, they provide a new public space for new and existing residents of the Sainte Blandine area, complete with new facilities: clubhouse and boules pitches, children's playgrounds, shared gardens, a skate park and a multisport area (for basketball and football).