Making plans a reality




2016. The cities of Lyon, Munich and Vienna announce the official launch of the Smarter Together project. Lyon Living Lab wins the démonstrateurs industriels pour la ville durable (sustainable city industrial demonstrators) call for tender run by the Vivapolis Institut for Sustainable Cities. Launch of the consultation process for the redevelopment of the Perrache station sector. Architects David Chipperfield and Aires Mateus are chosen to design blocks A1 and A2. Excavation work on the first shared car park in the area begins, and construction work for Ynfluences Square is in full swing. The first Kiosk cultural event, co-organised by SPL Lyon Confluence, takes place. The Pavilion 52 building designed by Rudy Ricciotti is handed over and redevelopment work is launched on the Halle Girard to create the Lieu Totem de la French Tech Lyonnaise (Totem space for Lyon's French Tech) and on the Hôtel 71 building which is to house the cultural incubator.

2015. The Lyon-Munich-Vienna Consortium wins H2020. The Vurpas team is chosen to renovate Halle Girard. Various events give residents and visitors the opportunity of rediscovering La Confluence such as the Temps des cerises festival, La Passagère festival, and the WAOUP Night. While construction work on the urban heating network is beginning, demolition work on 42 Perrache quayside and the Saone Embankments (phase 1) is ending. The ARTO/Dalmas/Gardoni team is chosen to design the Dugas-Montbel block. The developer OGIC, architects Diener und Diener Architekten and Clément Vergély, landscaper Michel Desvigne and the environmental design consultancy ETAMINE are selected to construct block B2.

2014. The Raymond Barre bridge opens and the tramway now links La Confluence to Gerland. Planning permission for block A3 is submitted. Planning permission for the construction of the first shared car park is granted. Work on the Saone Embankments is in full swing. SPL Confluence's director, Jean-Pierre Gallet steps down and is replaced by Pierre Joutard.

2013. Demolition and renovation work on the prisons begins. The MJC youth and culture centre and the harbour master's office are opened, as is the head office of the Banque de France. The creation of the François Mitterrand Esplanade begins. The developer ICADE is selected for the development of block A3 for Phase 2.

2012. Confluence shopping centre opens. Work on blocks E and F including the children's centre is finished. The first land sales for phase 2 begin. The La Confluence SPLA (Local Public Development Company) becomes an SPL (Local Public Company).

2010. The Place Nautique inner harbour is delivered. Saone Park and the first housing blocks around the inner harbour come to life. Lyon Confluence becomes the first sustainable neighbourhood in France to receive certification from the WWF. The group of initial studies is completed for phase 2. In 2011, the Regional Government Headquarters is handed over and an agreement is signed between Grand Lyon and NEDO (the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) for the construction of block P.

2009. The architects and planners Herzog & Meuron, and landscaper Michel Desvigne are selected to design Phase 2 of the urban development project. They meet Gérard Penot and his team at Atelier Ruelle, who are working on the Saone side of the project and the Perrache station sector.

2005. One year after selecting the contracting authorities for the construction of the first buildings, work on the Place Nautique inner harbour begins with extreme caution. In 2007, the first buildings on the Docks are opened - the headquarters of Lyon's daily newspaper Le Progrès and the Douanes or customs house. In 2008, SEM Lyon Confluence changes legal structure and becomes SPLA.

2003. SEM Lyon Confluence, which holds a public development agreement, is officially appointed as the planning authority for the Lyon Confluence project on behalf of Greater Lyon by the city's mayor, Gérard Collomb.
Phase 1 is created and work begins.

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The architects David Chipperfield and Aires Mateus are selected for the construction of block A1 A2 North

Signature of the Lyon Confluence public development agreement



Public concessions

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The public development agreement signed in 2003 between the SEM, later to become SPL Confluence, was replaced by two new public concessions in 2010:

  • "Confluence1, Saone riverside" covers Phase 1 and the development of the Saone Embankments linking La Confluence district to the historical old town
  • "Confluence 2, Rhone riverside" includes the development termed Phase 2 (conversion of the old market) and the transformation of the Perrache - Sainte Blandine district.