SPL Lyon Confluence

In 1999, Greater Lyon assigned SPL Lyon Confluence (a local public redevelopment company) to design build and promote the Lyon Confluence urban development project. As a redeveloper SPL Confluence conducts studies, appoints the project manager and the contracting authorities, organises construction and consultation, and carries out communications etc.


SPL Lyon Confluence, Maison de La Confluence, developper, urban project, Metropole de Lyon

More precisely, the role of SPL Lyon Confluence is to:

  1. Perform/commission all studies prior to redevelopment and construction operations.
  2. Conduct / ensure all acquisitions of buildings and unbuilt-on plots with a view to their enhancement, and all necessary demolitions.
  3. Draw up / have drawn up all contracts and agreements in order to control land prior to execution of redevelopment operations, and oversee land sales to third parties for construction purposes.
  4. Conduct all necessary studies and financial, commercial, industrial and (movable and immovable) property operations.
  5. Conduct / commission the operation, management, maintenance and enhancement by all means of structures during the build phase and prior to handover to the end recipient.
  6. Promote the Lyon Confluence project and undertake communications and consultations to support its execution and thereby participate in promoting the international influence of the Greater Lyon.

Maison de la Confluence (or Confluence House), is a space dedicated to receiving visitors, consultation and to providing information

SPL Lyon Confluence presents the project to various visitor groups at La Maison de La Confluence, 73 rue Smith. The permanent exhibition, "Cultivons la ville en bonne intelligence" or ("Cultivating the City Intelligently"), is based on essential tools: physical and real time 3D models which allow you to step into the project through film, interviews, newspapers etc. Around 8,000 people a year are received at the centre by the SPL Lyon Confluence team:  redevelopment professionals, Lyon's residents, students and tourists, etc. Hosting professional delegations is a priority. For any questions : maison@lyon-confluence.fr

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SPLA Lyon Confluence became SPL

SPL's market capital, 89% of which is held by Greater Lyon



Lyon Confluence - an energy provider!?

SPL Lyon Confluence, Maison de La Confluence, architect, urban project, Metropole de Lyon

The neighbourhood will eventually be supplied by a vast urban heating network. In the meantime, temporary boiler houses were commissioned by SPL Lyon Confluence in 2016 to provide hot water and electricity to new constructions that have been completed, and to older buildings in the eco-renovation project. SPL is responsible for enlisting co-ownership associations and monitoring their association and subscription. The technical equipment is being managed by a public service concessionaire - all contact details are available on the dedicated webpage (french). Lyon Confluence's new mission as a service provider expands the scope of its jurisdiction, bringing it even closer to users.