The îlots J, affordable and ecological.

The delivery of the Affinity building was the final phase. Now, all of the îlots J programmes have taken on a life of their own in the Denuzière sector and with the arrival of residents, a new chapter has begun in the development of Confluence and its commitment to diversity has been confirmed.


Ilôt J

In 2016, the îlots J provided 175 homes (accessible to all) and 800 sq. m of ground level shops. This offer is spread over 3 real estate projects:  ‘J1a’  or ‘ Lux’ (Constructa), ‘ J1b’ or ‘Esperluette’ (OPAC du Rhône) and ‘J2’ or ‘Affinity’ (BNP Paribas Immobilier). These developments are specifically designed to ensure that Lyon Confluence’s ambition of diversity is achieved, namely by obliging developers to build affordable housing*.

The results speak for themselves

Out of the 175 homes* offered by the three housing projects, 42% regular sale, 5% affordable housing, 22% social housing and 31% social rentals. All social housing was sold in a single day by Lyon Métropole Habitat. This desire to encourage social diversity has led to a high number of resident owners (70%) and access to housing for first-time buyers (approx. 40%).

Creativity and respect for existing structures

Another of the îlots J’s design goals was to weave an urban link between the existing Sainte-Blandine neighbourhood and newer operations in the south. SPL Confluence and operational urban planner Atelier Ruelle made creativity and diversity part of the design criteria for the buildings. Three architects seized the opportunity: Louis Paillard for Lux, Petitdidier-Prioux for Esperluette and Emmanuel Combarel/Dominique Marrec for Affinity. However, they were required to ensure their designs sat harmoniously within the existing neighbourhood. This meant that the buildings had to be three storeys smaller in order to guarantee the existing buildings’ sunlight was not blocked.


* The 16 affordable-housing apartments were designated ‘3A’ by the city council. The 3A Plan enables modest and average-income families to become owners of a new-build apartment at a sale price of €3600€/sq. m habitable (income-tested zero rate loans).
** based on a mass rolling plan designed by François Grether and Michel Desvigne


Composition of îlots J

> J1a - LUX: 4480 sq. m / 44 apartments (36 x regular sale and 8 x affordable housing apartments) + 530 sq. m shops.

> J1b – Esperluette: 2 120 sq. m / 31 social housing apartments for sale

> J2 – Affinity: 7235 sq. m / 100 apartments (37 x regular sale and 8 x affordable housing apartments and 55 x social housing for rent PLUS/PLS) + 250 m2 shops.




Environment, Environment, Environment.

- Private gardens accessed via a landscaped pedestrian walkway
- Green courtyards and gardens to encourage social interaction between residents: shared storage space, compost bins, bike parks etc.
- Connected to the local urban biomass heating.
- A system to recover heat from waste water.