Smart Community: an overview and future prospects

SPL Lyon Confluence welcomed on October 19th its national, European and international partners from the projects Lyon Smart Community, Next Building and Smarter Together. The objective of this workshop was to present an overview, but also to discuss future prospects through four major themes: positive energy buildings, innovative mobility, eco-renovation and energy management, as well as community management systems. Metropolitan Lyon gathered its local and international partners on the site of 'La Confluence' to find solutions to these critical challenges for the energy transition.



Lyon Smart Community, les enjeux

The Lyon Smart Community Program is ending. It has fostered very innovative experiments in the fields of energy production, storage and distribution, mobility and data management. This dynamic was driven by the partnership with Japan, especially through the NEDO environmental agency and Toshiba. 'La Confluence' has tested - in a life-size neighbourhood - several innovations developed in Japan, including various lifestyles and uses of energy. Today, the work carried out on these themes continues through two European programs: Next Building, dedicated to the construction of energy efficient buildings, and Smarter Together.

What is the purpose of these schemes ?

What is the purpose of these schemes? Beyond the technical and environmental aspects, the whole city of Lyon will significantly benefit from these ambitious projects that have a global reach. Medium and large businesses, start-ups, but also the academic world feed on ideas and good practices from elsewhere. Such workshops "questions the knowledge, know-how, technologies and skills of each other," said Jacques de Chilly, Deputy Director for Economic and International Development at the City of Lyon. This approach gears this area and the whole territory towards a dynamic of innovation and continuous improvement. It also reflects the desire to develop new sophisticated technologies, while ensuring real benefits for users.



Hikari, first positive energy building


Cité Perrache

Cité Perrache, in refurbishment