Results that encourage us to go further

Let's have a closer look at the projects developed under the Lyon Smart Community program, focusing on figures : Hikari, Sunmoov ', eco-innovation and Consotab, as well as the community management system. And presentation of an original workshop about best practices.


Lyon Smart Community, les résultats

Hikari: highlighting energy innovations

Hikari consumes 50 to 60% less than a building complying with the RT2012 standard, thanks to its bioclimatic concept. 67% of the electricity used and 87% of the heat requirements are covered by the cogeneration plant (photovoltaic and gas boiler). For Nishimura-San (Toshiba), the main achievement is to have built "a functional system that manages all the energies of the structure: produced, stored, saved and consumed".

And tomorrow ? The creation of a whole neighbourhood with positive energy on the Rhone side.

Sunmoov ': imagining tomorrow's mobility

Sunmoov 'was a fleet of 30 electric vehicles, tested until 2015. A total of 2,325 trips were made. During summer, through 33 recharging stations, 82% of the electricity was generated by solar energy.

And tomorrow ? "The smart charging system opens new perspectives by connecting, in real time, network energy availability and car charging" (Toshiba). Other innovative mobility systems have also emerged: Navly, Bluely...

Consotab and eco-renovation: mastering the energy consumed

"We managed to increase everyday comfort for the inhabitants of the 275 social housing units of the Cité Perrache, thanks to the energy performance of a building", explains Cécile Aubert (Grand Lyon Habitat). Energy consumption was reduced by 8% with the regular use of Consotab. The system also contributed to developping the environmental consciousness of the inhabitants : from 33% to 56% of people at the end of the experiment.

And tomorrow ? By combining thermal renovation, smart meters and citizen training in energy management, urban planners are pursuing their thermal renovation program on the Perrache-Sainte Blandine side, and contribute to the reduction of energy consumption.

CMS: managing the energy flows of the 3 projects

Toshiba says that the Community Management Service "gave a global and real-time view of the energy use of Hikari, Sunmoov 'and Cité Perrache with Consotab." The management of the neighbourhood included other local data: weather, air quality ...

And tomorrow ? It paves the way for new forms of decision support including data, such as the dataGrandLyon platform.


87 %
of the heat requirements in Hikari are covered by the cogeneration plant (photovoltaic and gas boiler)

social housing units of the Cité Perrache have been ecorenovated



Workshops: the recipe for success

Lyon Smart Community, les workshops

Our workshops brought together nearly 40 european and japonsese partners (Next Buildings, Lyon Smart Community, Smarter together) around three themes: mobility, energy consumption of new or eco-renovated buildings, and urban data platform. Facilitated by Tubà - a laboratory of urban experiments based in the Lyon metropolitan area - the workshops were designed to create an environment conducive to developing recipes, with a view to highlighting the most relevant.

Key ingredients for the starter

- A relevant location

- Shared objectives

- Strong governance

For the main

- Innovative partnerships

- Investments matching ambitions

- An efficient data access system

- A dynamic of co-construction and cooperation

- Effective communication throughout the project

- Recurring meetings between all parties involved

For the dessert

The participants selected ingredients that will improve the project's management:

- an invested team

- an innovative technological system

- experimental sites