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Wholesale market : the former administrative building undergoes renovation

The former administrative building, known as the bâtiment porch, continues its transformation. After a phase of interior deconstruction, the building’s two wings are being partially demolished.

Project duration: 3 months.

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Located at the entrance of the wholesale market, which opened in 1961, this building is a vestige of the district’s logistical past. Until its closure in 2008, it was the administrative hub for this major wholesale market. Since 2006, it has been home to the current concert hall, managed by the district’s youth and cultural centre MJC Presqu'île-Confluence. With new acts, as well as major stars performing there, the venue’s capacity is set to grow from 300 to 400.  In the meantime, other venues will be hosting events. Find the programme, "L'Echappée Sauvage", here.

In 2020 and 2021, the building will be fully renovated. The concert hall will be expanded and the reception areas and offices transformed, including the building’s thermal renovation (insulation, windows change, heating etc.)