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Support Ek-eau Studio, Eureka Club winner!

Crowdfunding campaigns for two of the three winners of the Eureka Club project:

• Thanks to you, we have reached our goal for the Atelier des Nouveaux Designs (New Designs Workshop)!  The next step is to do the work before the inauguration!

Come and support Ek-eau Studio (energy). The campaign closes on 19 December. This is a great way for you to play a part in building a sustainable city in La Confluence! Click here

In 2018, three winners were selected by the Eureka Club:

• Atelier des Nouveaux Designs (circular economy)

• Ek-eau Studio (energy)

• What About Urban Farming (Urban Agriculture)

Accompanied by TUBA and supported by the Eureka Confluence consortium, two of the projects launched their crowdfunding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank.

Find all the information HERE