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Suchet apartment building: demolition underway

The interior has been dismantled, and now a demolition phase, set to last several weeks, has begun at the Suchet apartment building. It is being gradually excavated with every necessary precaution being taken (water sprinkling) to enable a rapid demolition with minimal disruption.

Work timeframe: 4 weeks

The Suchet apartment building, built in the 1960s and owned by ICF Habitat Sud-Est Méditerranée (SNCF’s housing subsidiary), contains 82 housing units. All the tenants have been individually rehoused in new developments in the neighbourhood:

  • Les Loges de Saône on Renée Dufourt square, designed by Fontanel and completed in 2018.
  • Reflets 2 Vies, immediately next to the Suchet building and the Perrache station, designed by Altarea-Cogedim and completed in 2018.

The building will be replaced by a mixed-use development boasting 70 housing units, available for rent and social home ownership, and offices, with stores and activities on the ground floor. It will address all environmental issues perfectly. For coolness and comfort, there is to be a green space in the centre of the development.

Delivery: 2023