Green Solutions Awards 2019 Green Solutions Awards 2019

Lyon Confluence, winner of the 2019 Green Solutions Awards

Lyon Confluence wins the Sustainable District Grand Prix

Organised by Construction21 social media, the Green Solutions Awards promote buildings, neighbourhoods and infrastructures that are exemplary in their contribution to fighting climate change and accelerating ecological transition in the building sector.

Among the international winners, Lyon Confluence stands out as an example of a low-carbon sustainable neighbourhood:

  • buildings with high environmental performance
  • upgrading the energy efficiency of existing buildings
  • development of soft and active modes of transport
  • shared parking
  • transformation of undeveloped areas into green spaces

Beyond energetic performance, the award recognises a new way of designing cities as a whole:

  • urban and social mix
  • balanced economic development
  • use of digital technology
  • the health and well-being of the inhabitants

Watch the video : Lyon Confluence, Grand Prix Quartier Durable (international winner)