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La Confluence as an example of sustainable water management

The Metropole of Lyon and the water agency Rhône Méditerranée Corse signed on November 30th an agglomeration contract for the management of wastewater. Protecting the resource and improving wastewater management, Lyon Confluence is getting even more involved.

Since its inception, the urban project has included sustainable water management as a sustainable city.

Soil decontamination. Prior to any construction or fitting out, it also eliminates the risk of seepage into underground aquifers, the Rhone and the Saône.

Develop a sewerage network. The installation of the CycloneSep system in September 2015 marked a first step in this deployment.

Installations that favor the absorption of rainwater : facilitating the infiltration of rainwater, permeable materials, retention ponds to retain rainstorms ...

Encourage manufacturers to favor drinking water-saving solutions. For example, the ERS (Energy Recycling System) system covers 90% of the domestic hot water needs of the LUX Confluence residence.