iGirouette® iGirouette®

iGirouette® : dynamic pedestrian signage at La Confluence

The iGirouette® is the only real-time and moving pedestrian signage system that sticks to the current state of the territory.

It's simple: connected and innovative, the iGirouette® system provides geolocalized information. The motorized arrow points to the place of the displayed information (tourist, event and cultural wealth ...). Customized, the iGirouette® can also be interrogated and accompany you along a route. 

Without forgetting :

  • alert messages (abductions, pollution, heat wave, etc.),
  • public service announcements (eco-gestures, soft modes of travel, etc.),
  • more generally, all that may concern the users and accompany them in their activities.

In deployment, the system will propose 15 iGirouette® which will mark La Confluence by the end of September 2017. 

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