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Business Survey : the results!

Solicited from April 25th to June 4th, locals, employees, walkers ... of "La Confluence" responded on their needs in shops in the Denuzière and Place nautique areas. 

The participants chose among about fifty possible proposals grouped into 7 categories: food, bars / restaurants, beauty / well-being, culture, modes / accessories, health, services. 

1,233 users answered the questionnaire.

The results : they solicit : 

- food trade 32% 

- bars / restaurants 19% 

- culture 14.2% (bookstore, record stores ...)

They then specified, for the category "winner", which trade they wish more :

The Top 3 : 

- small or medium food surface of which frozen 8.2% 

- butchery 6.7% 

- fruit and vegetable seasoning 6.2% 

This survey will enable discussions with the project leaders and accompany them in their efforts.

See the report (in french) : click here