BAL at Confluence

From 8 June to 9 July, the Biennale Architecture Lyon (BAL) will take place at La Sucrière. Focus on the Aire d’Attente project on the site of the former food wholesale market.

Aire d’Attente: large plant installation, investing in forgotten spaces in the south of the neighbourhood. It temporarily revives a place that, in the future, will undergo a profound change.

Lyon Confluence is a partner in this foray into bringing the countryside to the city. The initiative proposes “to gather housing experiences in large urban areas" and clearly raise the issue of the quality and provenance of resources related to food and construction.

The exhibition is completed with sowing, harvesting and reaping activities. Some highlights throughout the Biennale include:

  • Join in the reaping,
  • Conference series,
  • Urban pasture,
  • Festive time at a barbecue and country dance.

To learn more about the Aire d'Attente project, click here