Groundbreaking civic ideas in La Confluence

Eurêka Confluence, the innovation program involving the public stakeholders and businesses of La Confluence, with the aim of developing urban innovations, is supporting three civic projects. They were named in September by the Eurêka Club. The panel chose innovations capable of meeting the challenges of the circular economy and promoting harmonious living.


Urban farms on the rooftops and/or on the banks of the Saône, a place for recycling and do-it-yourself projects, a boat/business incubator dedicated to renewable energy, sewing workshops, ideas for eating better, eating locally, and more. These initiatives supported in La Confluence were all in response to a call for proposals launched by the Eurêka Club, part of the Eurêka Confluence program, dedicated to civic participation. The consortium, which is led by SPL Lyon Confluence (a local public redevelopment company) and Bouygues Immobilier and includes private and public stakeholders (Métropole de Lyon, Colas, La Poste, Linkcity, Schneider Electric, SNCF Mobilités, Enedis, EDF, Keolis, Systra, Vicat, etc.), singled out these city- and life-changing ideas.


Meeting the challenges of the future

About thirty project initiators participated in this competition. Their idea had to address several challenges, such as eating healthy local food, recycling the neighborhood’s waste, bringing neighbors closer together with new activities or services, pooling resources, innovating, etc. The Eurêka Club panel was chaired by Métropole de Lyon vice-president for innovation Karine Dognin-Sauze and comprised elected officials, residents, business representatives, associations and members of the Eurêka Confluence consortium. The panel selected three projects (see below) and awarded a special prize to Tissu Solidaire, an initiative founded in 2015 by students at IAE Lyon, which uses sewing workshops to bring newcomers to France together with local people.


The three winning projects

The winners: Agriculture Urbaine, Atelier du Nouveau Design and Ek-Eau Studio, will receive guidance from TUBA, an innovation and experimentation laboratory, as well as from students of Ecole Centrale and ESCEN in La Confluence. In spring 2019, they will receive support through a crowd funding campaign on the KissKissBankBank website. The three winners will also be encouraged to collaborate with the project initiators who didn’t win.



Atelier du Nouveau Design (AdND): a second life for objects

Jesse Wellard, an engineer and recycling trainer, would like to develop a collaborative workshop for the repair, transformation and production of objects from recycled materials. Open to craftsmen, designers and private individuals, this is a space for sharing know-how and promoting waste reduction.



Urban farming in La Confluence: vegetables on the rooftops

Mathilde Baillin, an agricultural engineer, Clément Caignol and Hugo Desprez, business school graduates and producers of a film on urban farming in Singapore, would like to bring urban farming to three pilot sites: a field open to the public, building rooftops and a network of mini-gardens, in order to develop innovative food production techniques. They have formed partnerships with other Eurêka project initiators and district stakeholders.



Ek-Eau Studio: two boats full of energy

Camille Bajot, a business leader in La Confluence, and Richard Parmentier, a fluids and 3D specialist, plan to turn two old boats into demonstrators of new technologies. The barge and yacht, renovated with local materials and outfitted with electric motors, will host startups from the energy transition sector and serve as showcases for the latest innovations in the fields of energy (solar energy, insulation, storage, etc.) and recycling. Moored on the Saône, the two boats will also welcome the public for themed evening events and conferences.


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Students: active support

Students from École Centrale and ESCEN (Business and Digital Economy School) will provide guidance to the three winning projects. These young talents are going to provide their expertise in the circular economy and project management, to help realize and deploy the winners’ initiatives in the Confluence district. The winners, together with the students, will make project groups that will get support from KissKissBankBank in the form of crowd funding. They will also get guidance from TUBA, which will open its premises to them as well. This student participation is a way to get students involved in concrete projects, and to enhance their skills, know-how and life experience. Also, thanks to this collaboration, the project initiators will benefit from these valuable skills. 




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