ElectrYc?! Test the application and join ElectrYclub

Technical developments are designed to make our lives easier. To ensure that happens, Lyon Confluence is committed to getting users more involved.
Phase 1 of this objective begins in February 2017, with the ElectrYc application and the launch of an experimenters club.


What about the production and consumption of electricity in the district? This information is now available to users of the Confluence district, with the ElectrYc application. The experimental project brings together Enedis (formerly ERDF), Metropole de Lyon and SPL Confluence. It enables users to follow the energy production of Confluence’s 7000 sq. m of photovoltaic panels, to understand how the electricity distribution networks are structured and the impact of meteorological events.

Understanding and acting

The aim of ElectrYc is to inform users how much electricity is being produced and how much is being used locally. It also t enables residents, employees and users of the Confluence district to adapt their energy consumption accordingly. Testers can attempt to find the cause of specific events occurring in the district (peaks in consumption, for example) thanks to a quiz.

The experimenters club

Taking this project even further, the TUBA (Urban Test Tube) and the ALE (Local Energy Agency) united to support ElectrYclub, an experimenters club that will test the application and participate in its evolution. Other tools and ideas based on innovative and participatory cities will follow. Supported by Lyon Confluence, the aim of the club is to be a key actor in creating new applications designed for smart cities and user comfort. It is open to all.

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A word from our partners

« The participants will each have a specific role »

« The TUBA will provide a space to welcome the club’s members and to exchange on the ElectrYc application. Energy transitioning can only happen on a collective scale, our role is to bring together a group of users from the Lyon Confluence district to enable them to better understand the production and consumption in this area. We are making users the actors of this transition. That means that participants will be divided into groups, where each of them will have a road map with mission cards. Within the groups, the participants will each have a specific role: the data collector; the alchemist; the person responsible for leading sessions and organising meetings; the reporter, who keeps notes; the ‘browser’ who maintains links with other groups; and the explorer, who explores points of interest raised by members pertaining to local energy consumption. » 

Martin Cahen, Head of Experiments, TUBA


« The club? It’s a great opportunity for collective reflection »

« The ElectrYc application is an interesting tool and it is the foundation of our experimenters club, which brings together residents, employees and users of the Confluence District. Lyon’s Local Energy Agency (ALE) will host several events during the experiment. The aim is to develop citizens’ involvement by creating an environment in which exchanges and new ideas can be shared. This club is a great opportunity for collective reflection. Our intervention will (more specifically) encourage homes to adopt environmentally-friendly practices and levers to limit energy consumption.. »

Yeelen Perrier, Head of the energy sobriety project / Energy advisor at ALE