If you have a project in food retail, artisanal produce, personal care services, venues and third places, innovative concept stores, local and sustainable food supply and the circular, social and solidarity economy then Lyon Confluence can offer you ideally-located premises with 210 sq. m. of divisible floor space. Apply before 15 October.


Cap Sud (c) Dumetier Design 

Applications for strategically-located premises

Lyon Confluence is calling for applications to occupy its premises with 210 sq. m. divisible floor space. The premises are strategically located on the ground floor of the Cap Sud development in the Marché district, no more than 200 metres from:

  • 500 homes (Ynfluences Square, Ydeal and Cap Sud construction programmes)
  • a number of businesses and head offices (Deloitte, Eiffage, Engie etc.)
  • the Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes building (1,400 employees)
  • the Chamber of Trades and Crafts for Rhône County
  • well-reputed further education establishments Campus Numérique, Strate design etc.
  • sports and cultural amenities: Charlemagne ice rink, the Halle aux Fleurs sports facilities, the Salle des Musiques Actuelles concert hall, UGC cinema etc.
  • main thoroughfares - François Mitterrand esplanade and cours Charlemagne
  • public transport and parking that facilitates business, including  the tramway (T1 and T2) and the Marché-Gare car park with just under 850 spaces.

Why, when, and how to apply?

Business activities targeted by Lyon Confluence:

  • innovative and original concepts that stand out from commonplace brands: third places, hybrid spaces, artisans’ stores, concept stores (digital, training), etc.
  •  activities that complement the existing range of stores and services
  • friendly spaces that bring the neighbourhood to life (opening hours, cultural and social dimension, etc.)
  • spaces for meeting and sharing (sharing services, experiences, knowledge, know-how, talks, workshops etc.)
  • mid-range positioning - prices accessible to most local residents and visitors
  • answering the needs of most users, particularly families
  • committed to a responsible, ecological solidarity approach (social integration, circular economy etc.)
  • in harmony with the values of the sustainable action plan for the development (in particular, zero waste, sustainable transport, local and sustainable food).

Request an application form by email : 


Supporting commercial business 

Through this approach, Lyon Confluence aims to meet the needs of the area and of its users, who want more local stores and services and a vibrant neighbourhood. It is responding to residents, employees, students and visitors who are concerned about sustainable locally-sourced food, and citizens who care about the circular, social and solidarity economy.

In 2019, La Confluence boasts:

  • 12,000 residents
  • 15,000 employees
  • 12,000 students
  • millions of visitors (Confluence, Museum etc.)
  • 1,200 businesses (Trade and Companies Register)
  • 300 shops and craftspeople
  • catchment area: 90,000 inhabitants


They witness

Alexis Douine, bakery "Les 3V" (2019)

Denis Langlet, restaurant-bar Conflutime (2018)

Gérard Chavas, caterer, Bayard market



aera in m2 -divisible- of the local


15 October

deadline for submitting


Zoom sur Cap Sud

perspective virtuelle

The Cap Sud development consists of a total floor area of 4,570 sq. m. and is being built by housing developer Rhône Saône. Accommodation has been designed by the architects Dumetier Design. 58 housing units (rented and social home ownership) and 370 sq. m. divided into three premises to be delivered in spring 2020. The unit open to applicantss is one of three premises on the ground floor. The other two will be managed by Récipro-Cités, who are engineers specialised in improving how we live together.