A "walkable" city

La Confluence has been designed as a “walkable" city. Developments guarantee pedestrians a pleasant and safe environment for walking. It is enjoyable and easy to move about the neighbourhood on foot.


The network of high quality public spaces covering the neighbourhood makes it walker-friendly and safe. La Confluence can be crossed by foot from north to south and from west to east. Walking is made all the more enjoyable because nature is a constant theme in the district, with a variety of trees, flowers and plants creating a cooling effect in the summer months and improving air quality. The Camille-Georges square at the heart of the Denuzière district will be finished by 2018 and will add the final flourish to the variety of public spaces on the Saone side of the neighbourhood. On the Rambaud quay, some improvements have also been made to increase walkers' safety with an enlarged pavement.

Smoothly crossing and connecting

In the south, the new Raymond Barre bridge provides a high quality pedestrian link between La Confluence and Gerland. Further north, the François-Mitterrand Esplanade comes up to the doorstep of the Regional Government Headquarters. The Esplanade is a major public space marking the point where Phases 1 and 2 of the Lyon Confluence development project meet. It links the existing Place Nautique inner harbour with the future Marché district. As a key pathway joining the Rhone and the Saone, the esplanade is part of a network of interlinked public spaces created for pedestrians: The Champ, the Place Nautique inner harbour and, at the end, the new Bayard square which provides several sports facilities on a one-hectare site. Behind the esplanade, the new Saone Embankments invite walkers to move on to peacefully meander through other landscapes. The planned pedestrianizing of the western archway under Perrache will be the final key to opening up the La Confluence area to other districts in Lyon for pedestrians and cyclists.






sq. m / Area of the François-Mitterrand Esplanade


m. Length of the western archway footpath and cycleway beneath Perrache, 50 metres of which is to be open to the sky



Walking as far as the Land’s End

When the Musée des Confluences opened at the end of 2014, it triggered a new dynamic in the southern part of the district. The opening of the Raymond Barre bridge, dedicated to human-powered transport, had already benefited the district in September 2013, and Lyon Confluence decided to redevelop the tip of La Confluence in 2015, to make it pleasant to walk or cycle throughout the whole district, through its green spaces and on footpaths and cycle paths. The entire south sector of the district is now easy to access and the confluence of the two rivers is enhanced.