Shared public spaces

The concept of sharing is the driving force behind La Confluence’s redevelopment. It is expressed in different ways but the objective always remains the same: to create connections between district’s users, and to encourage initiatives and partnerships. 


Lyon Confluence has always paid careful attention to the quality of its public spaces. The Camille-Georges square in the Denuzière neighbourhood, completed in 2015, was the final touch in a network of spaces formed by the Place Nautique inner harbour, the Jean Couty and Ouagadougou aquatic gardens, the Erevan garden, the François-Mitterrand esplanade, the Saone Riverbanks and very soon the Renée-Dufourt square. On the Rhone riverside, Ynfluences Square and block B2 epitomise the principle of courtyard gardens - convivial spaces with shared gardens, composting spaces, picnic areas and children's playgrounds. The two programmes share services such as the concierge services and day-care centres. Close by, the shared car park is under construction and will be completed in 2018. It offers various shared services (link to parking information).

A dynamic community

Various voluntary and non-profit organisations in La Confluence play an active role in local life, as demonstrated by the residents' group (CIL), the artisans and retailers’ federation (UCAP), the neighbourhood committee, and the Youth and Cultural Centre (MJC). Thanks to them, the district has a busy calendar of open air "garage" sales, meetings, talks by speakers, games, workshops, parties, and dances. Not to mention community gardening organised by the resident's association, Envies Partagées, and the neighbourhood committee's regular meetings. All in all, there are plenty of opportunities for residents and users of La Confluence to connect and build bonds.





msq. m /Shared garden space on the Saone river banks.

courtyard gardens in Ynfluences Square 



An urban garden for everyone

Since the start of the 2015 academic year, members of the Envie Partagée residents' group have been able to use 250 sq. metres of cultivable land in a vast 500 sq. m. garden on the upper quayside of the Saone Riverbanks (link). The beautiful site was created when the Cours Bayard was moved, freeing up enough space to create a new public area. The vegetable garden used to be on a smaller site (about a hundred square metres) in the Erevan garden in the courtyard of a block. The change means that more residents can enjoy it (around sixty people).