Students of all ages

The range of education available in+La Confluence is broad and spaces for learning are specifically designed to provide the best conditions. There are thousands of students in the district, including primary and secondary school children.


The education available in the neighbourhood was boosted considerably when the Université Catholique de Lyon (UCLy) university moved into the renovated former prison, Saint Paul. UCLy offers a wide variety of university courses to its students. It also has a management school, ESDES. 

Odile Decq's Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture, located in a former wholesale market building teaches around twenty architecture students. The range of education available also includes the School of Commerce and Digital Economics (ESCEN) around a hundred students and, will soon include the School of Artistic Professions (ESMA) very close to the Saone Embankments. Education establishments also include Lyon's faculty of etiopathy (around a hundred students), a branch of the ESC Dijon Bourgogne business school, La Wilde Code School for computer programming and Supdemod, the fashion school.

For the little ones

Two day-care centres are planned in the Rhone part of the programme by 2018-19 and will be located in Ynfluences square and block B2. They will add to the existing facilities, an inter-company day-care centre La Maison bleue, located on the 2nd floor of the shopping centre, the day-care centre on Rue Quivogne, the non-profit day-care centre le Cocon Sainte Blandine, and the Germaine Tillion day-care centre in the new school group that opened in 2012. 

Primary and secondary education too!

School children are catered for by the Gilibert pre-school, the renovated Alix primary school, or the new Germaine Tillion children's centre, on rue Casimir-Périer which includes a primary school with five classes and a pre-school with four. The Montessori house for children also opened on rue Denuzière in 2015. Ultimately in phase 2 a second school system will be built in a renovated market hall. It will hold 15 nursery and primary classes. The Jean Monnet school for children aged between 11 and 15 will take in pupils on its two sites, one north of Carnot square and the other south of the Perrache station.


day-care centres in La Confluence

students in the neighbourhood

students at ESMA  (2017)



A school that opens up architecture to the city

The former C4 hall underwent a significant transformation in order to house the Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture, the school created by Odile Decq. The establishment opened in 2015 and covers 2,200 sq. m. and large glass walls open it up to the outside. A fab lab is to be created and will put on regular architecture exhibitions. The Confluence teaching programme lasts five years, just as in other architecture schools.