A variety of public facilities

La Confluence offers many ways for people of all ages to have fun. Developed public spaces , sports and cultural facilities breathe life into the neighbourhood and improve the daily routine of its residents.


It is possible to take part in many different sports in La Confluence. Ice-hockey and ice-dancing training sessions take place at the Charlemagne ice-skating rink where there are also national and international shows. Keen young sportsmen and women attend the Chanfray gymnasium on a weekly basis. The Sonny Anderson football pitch with its brand-new changing rooms can be accessed from the Rambaud quay. The Confluent boules pitch has been replaced with a boules pitch in the very heart of the Sainte Blandine neighbourhood. The boules pitches on the Rambaud quay have been integrated into the Saone Embankments project and moved to a more comfortable position on the upper quayside. On the lower quayside, children and adults alike and can use basketball court and a state of the art skate park. A new running track can be found near the Germaine Tillion school centre.

Where to have fun?

Children's playgrounds are freely available on the Saone Embankments, on the François Mitterrand Esplanade, in Sainte Blandine square, on Casimir-Périer street and in the Erevan garden in a block's courtyard.

A number of clubs, lively bars and concert halls create a bustling nightlife in La Confluence. They include the Marché Gare contemporary music concert hall, (space to be renovated), le Périscope, le Sucre and Docks 40. MJC Presqu’île Confluence (www.mjc-confluence) youth and culture centre also regularly organises shows and creative workshops. The neighbourhood hosts key events too. In June 2016, the Kiosk festival (artistic sporting and citizen-based gatherings that mix dance, music, theatre, cinema, circus, games, street-art, creative workshops, sports training, markets etc.) replaced the Temps des Cerises festival dedicated to the Sustainable City, green actions and local food sourcing.


Number of places at the Charlemagne ice rink

1,5 km
Length/ Size /Distance of the walkway and cycle path on the Saone Embankments



Former covered flower market makes way for sports

On the Rhone riverside, in the Ynfluences Square block in the heart of the Marché district, the former covered flower market is being refurbished by the City of Lyon according to designs by the Didier Dalmas Architectes firm. In Autumn 2016 it will house two sports halls. The building originally had only one floor but another floor has now been fitted creating 1,200 sq. m. of floor area for sports, such as martial arts, dance and gymnastics. Delivered in autumn 2016.