On foot, on bicycle, by car

Car use restrictions limit local congestion and improve the quality of urban life. The increasing number of public transport links available is supplemented by a dedicated infrastructure for human-powered travel.



What forms of public transport are available?

The T1 tramline runs the length of the Cours Charlemagne road and provides links to northern parts of Greater Lyon via Part-Dieu and to Villeurbanne beyond it. It also connects with the east (at Gerland) thus providing links to the "South" via the B metro line. The A metro line (from Perrache station) connects La Confluence with the north of the city. The S1 bus (formerly the 91 shuttle bus) links the Rambaud docks with Saint Paul train and bus station in the West. The Perrache station is the arrival and departure point for many high speed "TGV" or local "TER" trains every day. The inter-modal station provides 16 bus lines covering routes within the city as well as inter-urban and international coach services (several departures per day across the whole of Europe.) A river shuttle, the “Vaporetto”, links La Confluence to Saint Paul, with a stop at Bellecour on the way. In 2019, the T2 tramline will be extended to Suchet.

Where are the Vélo’v self-service bike sharing stations?

La Confluence has nine Vélo'v stations: Perrache-Carnot, Place des Archives, Place de l'Hippodrome, Sainte Blandine, Patinoire, Regional Government Headquarters, les Docks, Confluence-darse and Musée des Confluences. Overall there are 200 docking stations for bicycles. There are also a great many racks for parking privately-owned bicycles.

Getting around safely and pleasantly

Cycle paths run along the length of Cours Charlemagne and the Saone Embankments are also equipped for safe cycling. The western archway beneath Perrache will also soon offer cyclists a better quality experience.
Two new pathways will make it easier to get around the district. The Panama passage, a new two-way track constructed in the south of the district was opened in September after three years of preparatory work. It is located south of Rue Montrochet and connects Cours Charlemagne with Rue Hrant Dink and has a large pavement for pedestrians. The second pathway further south opened in summer 2016 and connects the Rambaud quay with Cours Charlemagne. It is called the Magellan passage after the straits linking the Atlantic to the Pacific in South Chili, and is one-way with a cycle path and pavements for pedestrians.





docking stations for shared self-service Vélo'v bicycles in the neighbourhood

shared self-service Vélo'v bike stations

shared self-service Bluely electric vehicle stations



Sharing for better travel

Shared self-service electric vehicles are available in the neighbourhood.  The principle is simple: a subscription enables you to pick up and drop off self-service vehicles at specific stations (equipped with car-charging units). La Confluence has four Bluely shared car stations. One of them is operational (at 503 Villerme) and three are under construction (45 rue Hrant Dink, 100 Cours Charlemagne and 36 Cours Suchet). There is also a Citiz shared car station (79 Cours Charlemagne). Car-pooling is encouraged and facilitated on a dedicated platform: www.covoiturage-grandlyon.com.