Different types of culture

Cultural spaces knit together the fabric of La Confluence. Every type of audience is catered for by facilities such as the Municipal Archives the Musée des Confluences museum, La Sucrière art museum, the MJC Presqu’île Confluence youth and culture centre and the multiplex cinema.


The Musée des Confluences museum, which opened in 2014, has natural science, social science and science and technology collections. Its goal is to arouse curiosity, spark questions, and induce a desire to understand and take pleasure in comprehending the ongoing relationship between the sciences and societies. It holds temporary and permanent exhibitions as well as meetings, talks, workshops and so forth. The museum's unique architecture appears to float like a cloud above the water where the two rivers meet, creating a highly unusual space for discovery and learning. 

Culture throughout the neighbourhood

La Sucrière, which has notably been home to Lyon's biennial contemporary art festival since 2001, also houses exhibitions, installations and artistic performances. Le Sucre, a concert hall on La Sucrière's roof regularly hosts talks. On the Rhone Riverside, Hôtel 71 (the European and metropolitan creative hub) will adjoin the Totem for French Tech space and bring together key European actors in the world of culture. The Archives Municipales de Lyon (Lyon's municipal archives), established in the north of the neighbourhood for many years, and the Regional Government Headquarters both have their own exhibition programmes. The UGC multiplex is also available for cinema-lovers in the Confluence shopping centre. The range of culture caters for all tastes!










Number of exhibition pieces in the Musée des Confluences 

Number of members of the MJC Presqu’île Confluence youth and culture centre in 2016 



The MJC youth and community centre - its energy is infectious!

The MJC Presqu’île Confluence youth and community centre offers talks, language and dance classes, workshops, guided tours and wine-tasting classes. It also runs the concert hall, Le Marché Gare, and is responsible for the gardens…and the list goes on! In 2013, it moved into a new building recognised for the quality of its wooden structure (Palmarès award for wood, Rhone-Alpes 2014) situated between the Saone and the Place Nautique inner harbour in the heart of the neighbourhood, having previously spent ten years in Perrache station. The MJC welcomes people of all ages. Its work covers six fields: children, youth, environment, contemporary music, and leisure activities and community projects.

For more information: www.mjc-confluence.fr