Offering a choice

The neighbourhood offers a broad range of retail opportunities. The Confluence shopping centre, which opened in 2012, local stores, markets, craftspeople, and vegetable box schemes all contribute to bringing this diverse offering to life.


The La Confluence urban development project has also focused on providing local retail outlets to suit any budget. Retail stores have long been a key ingredient of the daily bustle on Cours Charlemagne, breathing life into the neighbourhood. The new buildings also contain different types of retail stores on their ground floors. All these facilities mean that residents and employees can find all the stores, restaurants and services they need right in the heart of the neighbourhood. Community life will grow even more when the concierge services are offered as planned in the blocks in the Marché neighbourhood.

Services adapted to fit a variety of needs

The Confluence shopping centre has a number of restaurants, and is home to approximately one hundred different brands, some exclusively in France. The new generation shopping centre had nearly 9 million visitors in 2015. To complement the weekly markets organised in the neighbourhood (the Bayard and Carnot food markets, and the Carnot farmer's and local producer's market) the Croc'Ethic AMAP a French organisation created to support local farming also provides a weekly distribution of fruit and vegetable boxes (See Close-up).















Number of brands in the Confluence shopping centre  

150 000

sq. m. / floor area devoted to retail stores and leisure in the neighbourhood. 53,000 sq. m of which is in the Confluence shopping centre.



Croc’Ethic, an AMAP in La Confluence

Residents and employees in La Confluence can also receive a box of vegetables, fruit, dairy products, bread and meat every week. The service is provided by a French AMAP or association for the support of local farming called Croc’Ethic at the request of Lyon Confluence. The products they distribute are provided by a network of 20 local farmers, situated an average of 43 km from Lyon. Boxes for families, couples and single people are distributed at the Presqu'île-Confluence MJC youth and culture centre. 

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