La Confluence: 2018 Road Map

2018 is a pivotal year as it marks the end of phase 1. On the Saône side, the urban development project has transformed the neighbourhood making it highly attractive. This success confirms the choice to develop quality of life, cultural and social diversity, ease of use, and technological innovation above all. Currently, the first residents are moving in on the Rhone side, where the work continues.



This year, it’s all systems go on the Rhone side. The first residents are moving in to Ynfluences Square in this first quarter. The arrival of over 500 residents highlights the sustained dynamism with which phase two has been rolled out. This will also be reflected in the second quarter with the launch of work on two units: B2 and C2. The former will be developed by Ydeal Confluence (Ogic) – the first electrically self-sufficient building in the neighbourhood . The latter, Cap Sud, (Rhône Saône Habitat), which will offer a social home ownership programme to complete the neighbourhood’s comprehensive housing offer. In the final quarter, work will begin on the emblematic porch building. Although this will not be visible before 2019, the project concerns the deconstruction of the wings and the extension of the concert hall.


The Saône side nears completion

2018 will be a busy year on the Saône side too. Residents will move into the new housing programmes: Les Loges de Saône (Fontanel Immobilier) and Ycone (Cardinal – Vinci Immobilier), by Jean Nouvel, in the third quarter. Next to Ycone, the one hundred employees of the Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat (Chamber of Trades and Crafts) will move into their new premises by the end of this summer. 

As for public spaces, development of the sector under the bridges of the Saone river will be complete in 2019. This will be the final section of La Confluence to be developed, and will complete the link between the north and the south of the peninsula. This will improve flow for pedestrians and cyclists.

Finally, in line with SPL Confluences’ feedback scheme, it will carry out a new housing survey. The residents of K, Lux, Esperluette, and Affinity will be asked about the quality of life in their homes and in their neighbourhood.



On the Rhône side, a growing ecosystem

The end of the year will herald the completion of the French Tech Totem site in the former Halle Girard. By April 2019, the building’s 3800 sq. m will house start-ups and actors of the digital eco-system. Another major project in the Lumen neighbourhood is La Cité de la lumière, led by the Lumière cluster. This will bring the sector’s actors together (50 companies and a predicted 600 jobs) in a place that encourages synergies. Delivery expected in 2020. 


LUMEN-The City of Light