The retail dynamic

The district has an excellent retail dynamic and the redevelopment project provides space for big brands and local stores. Opportunities are there for the taking.


the confluence, lyon, shops, restaurants, terraces, employees, neighborhood life

Nearly a quarter of the businesses in La Confluence are retail. They are divided harmoniously between the existing neighbourhood and the mixed development programmes, where the ground floors provide high quality premises for stores, cafes, bars and restaurants. In 2015, 20% of companies created in the area were retail stores. The association for local retailers and craftspeople in Perrache (UCAP) holds various events to promote retail business in the district. 

La Confluence's dynamic increases demand

By 2015, the district will have 16,000 residents, 6,000 more than today. That is without counting the thousands of new employees and 6,000 new students. This forecast demonstrates La Confluence's significant development potential for retail businesses. A broad and varied range of premises are available, each adapted for different needs. Lyon Confluence pays close attention to retailers' expectations and is carrying out studies to ensure it provides buildings and/or properties that meet their needs.

If you would like to set up your retail business in La Confluence, please contact the developers / marketers specialised in business properties and retail or business space (link to dedicated webpage). If you have a more specific long-term project, please contact UCAP can also provide helpful information: +33 (0)4 78 37 10 47.







24 %
the proportion of retail businesses in La Confluence 

hotels in La Confluence



A large potential client base

the confluence, lyon, shops, restaurants, terraces, employees, neighborhood life

La Confluence has many attractions that generate an addition flux of visitors and passing custom to add to the residents and employees already on site. All in all, there is a considerable potential client base. The Musée des Confluences in the south has had more than a million visitors since it opened at the end of 2014, and the Université Catholique de Lyon in the north has thousands of students and lecturers. At the heart of the district the shopping centre acts as a magnet to its many regular customers and also pulls in the curious. It had around 9 million visitors in 2015. The walkway on the Saone Embankments also attracts great many walkers.