Lyon - a connected city

Smarter Together, is the name of the project that united Lyon, Munich and Vienna to win the European call for proposals in 2016 for Smart Cities and Communities (Horizon 2020). It meant further recognition for La Confluence, the Lyon-based partner in the innovative project and the group's coordinator.



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Smarter Together means that experiments carried out at La Confluence within the framework of the Lyon Smart Community are reproduced at European level. They include:

  • the eco-renovation of existing buildings (35,000 sq. m.)
  • the creation of a smart urban heating network
  • the production of solar power
  • the development of a data management system (energy and mobility) for a whole district.

24 million euros to make ambitions a reality

Horizon 2020 or H2020 is a European programme supporting research and innovation. Smart Cities and Communities is part of its work in the field of energy, transport and the use of technologies. Lyon-Munich-Vienna, united under the banner Smarter together*, received 24 million euros to support their efforts in developing a smart city. The consortium unites thirty partners (research institutes, design and engineering consultancies, industrialists, communities etc.) such as ERDF, Toshiba, WWF and NEDO.

* the proposal includes "follower cities" (Santiago de Compostella, Sofia and Venice) with a rich heritage for eco-.renovation and "observer cities" (Kiev and Yokohama), the most advanced smart cities in the world



Managing data for the whole district

confluence, lyon, smarter together, vienna, munich

The Lyon Smart Community programme includes the implementation of a Community Energy Management System for managing, producing and distributing energy across the district. The idea is to take this even further now and provide the district with a data platform which combines information linked to energy and mobility. The objective is to use this data to develop services matching the districts infrastructure.