Eureka Confluence, a city designed for health and well-being

By winning national recognition from the Institut de la Ville Durable (Institute for the Sustainable City), La Confluence confirmed its firm innovating commitment to well-being in the city. This aim is embodied by the 29,000 sq. m. development of Blocks A1-A2 North  


In 2015, La Confluence was honoured by the Institut de la Ville Durable, for its programme Lyon Living Lab* become Eureka Confluence. The distinction highlights the environmental excellence of the project (energy, water, waste and mobility) but also the considerable contribution made to well-being and health. The challenge was to use a series of innovations to create a smart city that also cared for its residents and put their comfort and health first.
*Lyon Living Lab is led by Bouygues, SPL Lyon Confluence, Greater Lyon (the energy mission) and GE/Alstom within a consortium of 70 partners.

Reaching a new level in responding to residents’ needs

In La Confluence, the Eureka Confluence programme therefore includes the development of nature and biodiversity (through aquatic gardens, the revegetation of public spaces and by planting trees). It also promotes a new conception of housing which prioritises quality, reversibility and personalisation, while stressing the development of intergenerational accommodation. This commitment has already been made in terms of “who will benefit from technological advances", to better support the elderly and the dependent.

Innovations that reinvent city life

Living Together Better will involve specific actions (a neighbourhood social network, a mobile phone application, innovative urban furniture, connected objects, on-line concierge services etc.) It will also affect health through the use of decontaminating materials, air quality mapping, a digital centre for health management etc. Special attention has also been paid to food.



Health as part of housing design

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Eureka Confluence is special in that health plays a key role in its development. Attention is paid to creating packs of home automation or domotic equipment made available for people in need of that type of support. Another considerable challenge is helping the elderly stay in their own homes and providing improved living conditions for people with disabilities and those who have disabling or chronic diseases. Its scope also encompasses the creation of an e-health platform, which provides information on air quality and the presence of allergens.