Smart positive energy buildings

The challenge for the Hikari project was to create an entire positive energy block (one that produces more energy than it consumes). Its success made the building a benchmark and la Confluence a model for the Smart Community. 


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Lyon Smart Community is based on three large projects: The Hikari block, the Conso Tab energy monitors installed in the Perrache estate and the Community energy management system, which produces and distributes energy across the district). These are all undertaken through a partnership with NEDO, the Japanese environmental agency. It was a key moment for the programme when the Hikari block was delivered in September 2015. The block makes a strong contribution to the innovative character of La Confluence and set the energy standard for the development of the remainder of the district.

Hikari, a new way of managing energy

This first positive energy mixed-use block (housing, offices, and retail outlets), required progressive thinking in terms of the production, management and distribution of energy between its three buildings, and also required very technical solutions for stocking energy. Lyon Confluence used this construction to commit to the European NEXT Buildings programme alongside Helsingborg and Amsterdam. The programme's role? To monitor the funding of innovative operations for integrating new technologies to improve energy management in buildings. NEXT is remarkable for having selected just three test projects that experiment with methods that can then be developed on a large scale and duplicated in other areas.

Smart cities for everyone

The installation of the Conso Tab energy monitors in the housing units in the Perrache Estate proves Lyon Confluence's commitment to creating a smart city to benefit everybody, not just those in new buildings. Regular awareness-raising meetings are organised for the occupants.  Meetings are essential for supporting energy transition, which is only possible if embraced by residents who know how to practice forming the right habits at home.

   the confluence, lyon, lyon smart community, hikari, ilot p, pv, photovoltaic panels, energy