History of the site

__New momentum

1999: presentation of the Melot-Bohigas-Mosbach project and creation of Lyon Confluence semi-public company.

The Melot-Bohigas-Mosbach project (1999)

Town planners Thierry Melot, Oriol Bohigas and Catherine Mosbach (MBM) were selected by the urban community to create a broad outline for the development project.

A key theme was water, with the creation of a marina on the Saône, a water station with an adjacent farthingale garden and, more broadly, redevelopment of the embankments. Nonetheless, the continuation and success of the operation depended largely on the ability to open up the area and make it more accessible.

However, as the design work and operational implementation focused on the site as a whole, carrying out the project was deemed unrealistic in the short term due to the constraints of the A6-A7 freeway and the Lyon-Perrache multimodal hub.







Creation of the Lyon Confluence semi-public company (SEM)

The SEM that would become the Société Publique Locale d’Aménagement (Public Local Development Company - SPLA) in 2008 was created to coordinate the entire project in its various phases. Town planner François Grether and landscape architect Michel Desvigne were appointed to specify the urban development plan.


25 June 2001: election of Gérard Collomb, Mayor of Lyon, reelected in 2008.

Confluence SEM studies resumed in order to specify realistic operational phases. François Grether and Michel Desvigne were confirmed in their role of designing the 150-acre development project in the southern end of the Presqu’île.